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This site will be reviewing products we use in our lifestyle. We like Hunting, Fishing, Electronic Gadgets,  Computer equipment, ATVs, Pickup trucks, Camping, Shooting Sports, Outdoor activities, Processing our own meats, Working on our stuff, Woodworking, Welding, Making Videos, Cameras, Building Websites, Learning New things, Remembering Old things, and the Infamous Many More (been trying to get her autograph for years, I keep seeing her listed on the performer list, but never seem to catch her, Minny More that is).

The reviews will be in Categories on the Menu Bar for the Videos and short descriptions in the Posts so you can quickly find items of interest quickly and easily by either the “time of article” or Archive method as we call it, or just clicking on the Menu items to see if there is something there you like.

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2 Responses to Home

  1. Dorothy Chartier says:

    LegalShield is a Scam for it’s members. An attorney forgot to hang up the phone and they make you believe with over 200 attorneys in Colorado they are on your side
    No..if you have a problem with a Corporation guaranteed they are giving that Corp a headsup. The whole time outsourcing you to another law firm that doesn’t want your case and discourages you from taking legal action. What I’m saying is their Law Firms are working for Corporations and if your issue isn’t a speeding ticket, your throwing your money away. I’m hoping to get this conversation on line so people really know the service they pay for.

  2. Thomas Zoltner says:

    Thank you for the information and video on the Champion generator. Very helpful.

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