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We (Wife and I, Children, Grandchildren, Relatives, and Friends), are a group of No-Nonsense, No Bull, Tell It Like It Is folks that love to be involved in a variety of activities.

Over the years ( I am in my mid 60’s as I start this site), we have used and seen used hundreds if not thousands of products.  Some are golden and are worth every penny spent on them, others are not worth the paper the instructions are printed on.

Our goal for this site is to review as many products as time permits and show (via video) and tell via words the good, bad, ugly, and downright criminal or what should be criminal aspects of the products.

We will make recommendations on where to get the goods ones via “affiliate” links (see our Disclosure Statement ), if we have any. We would greatly appreciate your purchasing products that you like through those links so we can continue to update and upgrade are reviews.

If we do not have an “affiliate” link to the product, then most likely there will be a “Google®” Ad somewhere on the page advertising a merchant that can supply the product. As stated in our Disclosure Statement, those ads also help us out by paying a small commission or fee to us IF you check out their site. Please BookMark Our Site First!!

If we for what ever reason seem to NOT like a product, we will tell you why. Could be we just got a Lemon. 99.9% of the time a product does not meet our expectations, we do give the manufacturer or merchant a chance to “Make It Right”.  If they Do NOT, then it is full steam ahead on any defects and short comings the product or merchant has.

If a product fails and we think it may be our fault, AKA Operator Error, we will admit it and hope our review keeps you from making the same mistake.

This site will serve a dual purpose. First, as a Review Web Site, and Second as a Blog within the site.  So, the Blog or Posts will be in the order we make the review. The Web site will be divided into several Menus so you can easily find if we have reviewed something you are interested in.

You are encouraged to leave comments and suggest products to review. All comments will be screened of coarse and we simply will not tolerate much negative chatter about us or our visitors.

Please tell your Social Media Networks about us.

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  1. Chris says:

    i was on the phone with Cip Silva last night and he told me about your youtube and your website so i decided i would check them out. long story short, i’ve been looking for a larger gun safe than the one i currently own for quite some time now and i came across your review for the cannon 64 gun safe you got from home depot. i was very pleased with your review and will be purchasing one soon. thank you for taking the time to review this product.

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