Haul Safe Wireless Backup Camera

The HaulSafeā„¢ Wireless Backup Camera is the best we have seen so far. This is our second backup camera, because “wireless” seems to mean different things to different manufacturers.

The features on this camera are superb:

  • Magnetic base for the camera.
  • Night vision capable for up to 10 feet.
  • Transmission range up to 300 feet (unobstructed).
  • Color hand held monitor with a stand for the dash.
  • 4 channels to choose best for your situation.
  • Lithium rechargeable batteries in both units.
  • Charger system that charges both camera and monitor in vehicle.
  • Monitor is 2.5 inch 640×240 resolution.
  • 2-3 hours run time depending on conditions.

Watch our video review to see how great this HaulSafeā„¢ Wireless Backup Camera really is. Notice how there are NO wires to hook up or get in the way and the LOW light quality inside the shop is great.

I tested the reception from inside my insulated metal shop building with the door closed and about 35-40 feet from the camera. The picture on the monitor was still useable, so I hope on the back of our 35 foot fiberglass camper, I can still see how to back up the trailer to park correctly.

We will report on that just as soon as we have tried it. UPDATE– It does work for me.

Our Video on this Product.


This is an OLD product by now (4-26-2017) so is not available, BUT there are even Better Cameras available now:

Backup Camera Wireless and Monitor Kit For Truck/Semi-Trailer/Box Truck/RV

Podofo Wireless Vehicle 2 x Backup Cameras Parking Assistance System Ir Night Vision Waterproof Rear View Camera + 7″ Monitor for RV Truck Trailer Bus


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