Serious SiriusXM Trick

The SiriusXM Radio subscriptions are too expensive for me. I purchased a new Ram in March of 2014 that came with the fancy audio package including a 1 year subscription to SiriusXM.

I am retired and do not drive much any more and Usually will Listen to Conservative Talk Radio. I like Local News and Weather and Local as well as National Talk Shows. So, the XM radio does NOT get much use, except for Dead Spots or the occasional longer trip.

I could not justify the $20+ monthly (total with fees) cost of something that is not used much. As the 1 year subscription neared the end, Sirius started and email campaign to get the FULL Price. I just trash canned the emails AND the Snail Mails.

I received a rather disturbing letter saying that I would AUTOMATICALLY BE CHARGED THE FULL PRICE. That was interesting and it pissed me off knowing that Sirius Did NOT have ANY of my Credit Card or Banking Information.

I did call and after DEMANDING TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE IN THE USA THAT COULD SPEAK AND UNDERSTAND AMERICAN ENGLISH, I finally got to speak to someone that I could understand. I made sure (and RECORDED THE CALL) that they understood that I would under NO Circumstances pay their OVERPRICED RATES.

Then they offered to lower the price to a reasonable amount, BUT wanted me to give them my Financial Information over the PHONE. No Way JOSE is that going to happen. I demanded to be able to do it online with a SECURE Connection, but was told that it needed to be done over the phone. I told them Hell would Freeze Over First and to CANCEL THE SERVICE ASAP.

They Did Cancel and then the Snail Mail started with about a week apart mailings with various offers. I Trashed them all because the cost was more than I was willing to pay.

Then, a couple of days ago (the second week of May 2015), I get another Snail Mail Offer of 5 months for $19.99. That I was OK with, but the URL to do this online did not work. I decided to make a call to support again and had to go through another long wait after demanding to talk to someone in the USA that could speak and understand ENGLISH.

It was such and ordeal, I decided to make a Video of the Circus.

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