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We use and have used several cameras for our videos. They each have their shinning moments and each have their limitations.

We hope the reviews of what we use can shed some light on which camera works best for which need.

Kodak Zx1

We like this camera very much and have been using it for almost 2 years.  It is light weight, high capacity, and water resistant (rubber covers over the compartments).  It is quite when turning on and off. This is very important to us when filming wildlife.

The Kodak Zx1 is NOT good for low light and it does NOT have a mic jack. The trade off is the small size and low cost, high definition capacity, high memory capacity, and the ability to use AA batteries if you must.

We carry one of these Kodak Zx1 cameras everywhere we go. Never know when you need a high capacity video camera these days.

Kodak Zi6

The Kodak Zi6 is the same size as the Zx1, but does NOT have the water resistant properties of the Zx1.  The Zi6 also make a horrible loud noise when turning on or off. For this reason we have no use for it while trying to film animals. It is also useless for other situations that require QUITE operations.

If you want a small, high capacity video camera and can live with the noisy on/off problem, then the Kodak Zi6 is a wonderful camera and very inexpensive.

Kodak Zi8

The Kodak Zi8 is our next pick mainly because it has a MIC Jack. This is great for making product reviews and interviewing someone because you do not need to shout to be recorded. We think the MIC Jack is the biggest selling point of the unit.

It is 1080 capable as well as lower resolution (I fail to see why people continue to put Hi Def videos on You Tube®).  It takes so long to upload and then the viewer will have difficulties unless they have ultra high speed internet (So many places in the USA as well as the World have little better than DSL speeds if that good).

The Kodak Zi8 has a rechargeable battery and thus a negative feature if you are using it for longer videos or on hiking, camping, hunting, or fishing trips. You can get Car Chargers and extra batteries and that is what we do.

The Kodak Zi8 has a “Flip out USB” connector with a flexible Very Short Cord.  This we DO NOT Like.  We prefer a cable. It is too easy to get the camera in a position to damage the cord or scratch the camera when transferring the video to another storage device.

The majority of our videos have been shot using one of the Kodak small cameras. BUT, they are many years old and you may not even find one nowadays.

Here is one that just may be a great video camera WITH Night Vision and Streaming Capability. 

You may be able to get
Great deals here, sometimes. ,each day is likely to have a different result and some days it really is not worth the click.

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