Welcome to the review of fuel powered generators.

We have several generators that we use for various things and thought we would review the brands, sizes, types and capacities of the ones we own.

The first on the list is a brand new Remote Start/Stop Gasoline powered generator sporting the brand name of Champion with the Model number of 46539.

It is a 3500 Watt continuous run and a 4000 Watt starting capacity unit. Watch the video and below, we will list more specs of the unit.


We were concerned that this Wireless Remote Start Generator may NOT be exactly what was wanted for Camping because everything We have ever read concerning generators powering anything WARNS:

Do Not START Generator with a LOAD (something plugged in).
Do Not STOP Generator with a LOAD.

These concerns were completely address by the manufacturer of this unit. The engineers were on their game and included an “Intelligent” Circuit or Computerized Circuit, that prevents power going to the plugs on the generator until the Rpm’s of the engine are at peak and the correct voltage to the appliances is available, when you use the Remote Start feature.

That same “Smart Circuit” will Stop power to the plugs of the unit a few seconds after you hit the Stop Button. That prevent damage to the appliances you may have plugged into the generator.

The price on this unit was great. You can find them for less than $500. We are expecting this to be one of our best buys. We have other generators, but none have the Remote Start and Remote Stop feature. We have some recommended merchants for you to check out (below the review) if you are in the market for one of these units or a generator of some type.

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If you rather read over some specifications instead of watching the whole video:

  • Starting Wattage 4000
  • Running Wattage 3500
  • Voltage 120 AC current
  • Single Phase at 60 Hz
  • Fuel capacity 3.8 gallons
  • Weight around 140 pounds
  • Engine – Single cylinder 196 cc OHV electric or pull start
  • Wireless Remote start/stop capable
  • Using the VoltsxAmps=Watts Formula
  • 3500W/120V= around 29 Amps

Negatives noted:

  • A bit noisy (68 decibels or so), but for the money it is great.
  • No oil filter. (Again, this would add a lot more money).
  • This model May Not Be available at this time.

Where Can you get one or one that will Work for You?

Wireless Remote – Start and stop up to 80 ft. away 3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts with up to 8 hours run time on a full tank of gas and operates at a quiet 58 dBA, great for RVs, campsites, cabins and more.

Wireless Remote Start – Start and stop up to 80 ft. away
9375 starting watts, 7500 running watts with up to 8 hours run time on a full tank of gas.

Dual Fuel – Runs on GAS or PROPANE straight out of the box
4750 starting watts, 3800 running watts with up to 9 hours run time on a full tank of gas and up to 10.5 hours on a 20 lb. propane tank.

RV Ready Outlets – 120V 30A RV, two 120V 20A household, 12V DC automotive outlets with Clean Power (<3% THD), clean electricity for powering sensitive electronics.

Another site that you should take a look see because their inventory is always changing and accessories are aplenty.
You may find a great deal on a generator here.

5 Responses to Generators

  1. Gary Casteel says:

    Can I run this generator in the back of my covered (cap with closed tail gate) pickup and vent the exhaust outside. This would protect it from thieves, reduce the noise, and keep it out of the weather. Can I attach an additional muffler or attach tubing to reduce noise?

    • says:

      If no one is in the truck, I would say it would be ok. If you are handy building adapters, flanges, and other fabrication, You could build something to route the exhaust outside and/or to another quieter muffler. Might find a repair shop that would make such a conversion for you.

  2. Danny Kirk says:

    Cabelas is selling the 4000 watt carb compliant Champion generator for $319 +$18 shipping. Price includes a wheel kit and a cover. This is the best deal I have found. I ordered one after reading your excellent review.


    • says:

      Sometimes Cabela has outstanding sales and then sometimes not so good. We just returned from hunting off and on for nearly 3 months. The generator save our bacon. The furnace ran out of propane and that causes the furnace to run until the batteries die. With today’s tech knowledge, there should be a fix for this silly set up. On sub 20 degree mornings, the generator fired right up and provided power for the coffee pot in quick order.

  3. Mike Cervantez says:

    Hey Big Kid,

    Just bought a Champion Remote start generator. Everything worked as advertized. Only one problem with it, after running the unit for only a few minutes something feel off the unit. I looked up the part on page 19 of the owners manual and it was part # 34,
    Air fill Clique, whatever that my be. Looks like some type of vent that attaches to the muffler. Anyway, almost appears that Quality Control during manufacture needs some tighting up. Anyway, I reinstalled the Air Fill Clique and torqued the bolts to 120 inch pounds. All is good now. I agree the generator is built with good quality and the price is right. Thanks for your outstanding review.


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