Husqvarna Wheeled Line Trimmer

I needed something to cut light brush, “Got Ya” vines, and weeds around trees, the garden, and fence lines. The shoulder carry type is just too light and vines just wrap around the head and jam.

I did a lot of  research and felt like this one, the Husqvarna HU625HWT was the best buy. I found it a Lowe’s which has a try it for 30 days, if Not satisfied, Bring It Back. What a Deal.

It was very easy to “assemble”, because it Was already assembled. Just needed to adjust the handle to your needs.


1. It is well balanced. Very little effort is needed to maneuver this unit, unless you are trying to pick it up to load in a pickup or trailer. It is heaver than my push mower.

2. It is quite compared to many types of power equipment.

3. It is aggressive and handles large weeds very well so far.

4. The merchant has a 30 day return policy.

5. It is one of my favorite colors, Orange.


1. There are dependencies on the Specifications of this trimmer on the web sites and the store tags.

2. The wheels are 12 inch. They really should be 14 to 16 inch. I know that would create some re design issues, but having the taller wheels, would greatly enhance how the trimmer negotiates rough terrain, sticks, and rocks.

3. The initial starting took many pulls of the starter rope, even after priming several pump.  Several restarts after the initial start proved to be fast and easy.

Husqvarna HU625HWT Wheeled String Trimmer Review Video


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