Trac Pontoon 35 Anchor Winch

We have needed and wanted an easier way to operate the main anchor for our Sylvan 8520 Pontoon Fishing Boat.  The Trac Pontoon 35 Anchor Winch with Remote Control seems to be just what we need.

We have been manually (or womanually) throwing an anchor and then tying the rope to the boat in some way.  Then, to move, we would have to pull the anchor in by hand.

After looking for months at the very expensive electric anchor winches we found this brand (Trac) and decided to give it a try. We found the best price for the winch and remote here Trac Pontoon35 Anchor Winch.

The instructions for this and most things these days are lacking, so we made some videos of how we made it work for our Sylvan 8520 Pontoon fishing boat. There are several videos because of the length of the whole process of making a mounting bracket, making the remote module change, and mounting the system. Please watch the series to see and hear the issues we encountered.

Review and Install Part 1

Review and Install Part 2

Review and Install Part 3

Review and Install Part 4

Review and Install Part 5

After we test the winch on the water, we will post another video on the results. Keep tuned by Subscribing to our YouTube channel (ArchersFriend).

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