Greenhouse Review

We decided that a Greenhouse of some sort would be in order after loosing 2 garden plantings last year and 1 planting the year before due to Late Frosts.

The Plexiglas and Glass ones were out of the picture because of the Extreme Cost of the large ones and the too small of space in the less expensive ones. That left the Poly tarp type.

There are Many Brands of Greenhouses to choose from and Many Places to purchase from, so it pays to shop around.  Some seasonal discounts can even be found and in some cases Special Financing can be obtained.

We settled on one roughly 10 feet by 20 feet by 9 feet tall (to ridge line) size of Greenhouse. We have winds on a regular basis that blow 5-20 mph and frequent Gusts to 35 mph and more. This was a large concern in how to set something up to possibly handle the wind.

We decided to attach the Greenhouse (feet that came with the frame) to Railroad Cross Ties that were used and available from several sources.  We also Taped the frame connectors to keep any shifting from the wind that might cause the frame to come apart and destroy our investment.

A video of the Greenhouse assembly is below:

You might like to purchase one of these units to get your prepper garden going.

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