Lithonia Grow Light

Grow lights of some sort is essential for those that want to start their garden plants from seeds.  This is especially true for those using Non GMO or Heirloom seeds.

We have been sprouting some of our garden plants for only going on our Second season.  Last year, we had problems with long slender plants that were inside a bedroom greenhouse. The plants just wanted to grow toward the sunlight.

The bedroom has 4 large windows facing South and we thought that would be adequate. Not the case. The plants grew, but were Thin Stemmed  and grew too tall. That meant they were too weak to make it outside when the time came to plant.

Research indicated that the use of Grow Lights would correct this, so we began searching for something suitable. While at a local Lowe’s store, we found the Lithonia Brand that looked like what was needed.

Once home and the unpacking revealed that the information on the box was MISLEADING.  No mention of having to supply a cord or having to hard wire the light was necessary. This was and Unexpected Added Expense.

No Instructions were visible inside the box. We were left to Experiment with our options.  The video Below will explain how we dealt with the Lithonia Grow Light Misleading Information.

You will need Grommets to Wire the Lithonia Grow Light as we did. A Great place to get Grommets at a Great Price will be found below the video.

180 Piece Harness Grommet Set

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