H&R 1871 Sight Modification

The H&R 1871 rifle in the “Buffalo Classic” edition is a 45/70 caliber single shot rifle. It is the “poor man’s” Sharps.

I purchased the rifle because I wanted a 45/70 and wanted to try my hand at the Black Powder Cartridge game. I loaded a variety of charges and bullet combinations and headed for the range.

I was very disappointed in the results. For what ever reason, the rifle sights would not allow for competitive 100 yard shooting, much less for long range (300 plus yards).

The target type front sight was great but the rear did not have enough elevation range to be useful.  This simply would not do, so I set out to “build a long range sight” for the rifle.

You could not believe the outrageous things that I came up with.  I put a scope base on to get a little higher starting position. I then made some crude looking wooden adapters from hardwood dowel rods and mounted those in scope ring mounts that then mounted to the scope base.

This gave me more distance, but not the  adjustments that I needed.  I then re worked the scope base to allow for mounting the original Williams rear sight so that I had the added height of the scope base.  This was still not enough for what I needed, so I got really wild. Watch the video to see how it turned out.

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As you probably noticed, there is an ERROR ON THE BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO. I saw it, but thought, what the Hell, just leave it and see how many comments I get about being a dumb ass.  I promise to do better in the future.
Here are a couple of places to look for a new rear sight.

Great deals here, sometimes.



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