Hyskore 7 Gun Pistol Rack Review

The Hyskore 7 Gun Pistol Rack looked like a great solution for my Crowded shelves.  I store more than firearms in them, so space fills up very quickly. I tried to build a rack to stand the pistols upright by using a peg to insert in the barrel, but the .22 caliber was too small and the Large caliber firearms were too large to make my idea work.

I purchased a couple of 2 gun racks to see how they would work and they worked great, but I needed more. I found this 7 Gun model online and thought I would give it a try. The Hyskore 7 Gun Pistol Rack proved to be very helpful and I have a video to show my concerns at first and how most of them were put to rests.

Please watch the video below and if you would like to get some of these great racks for yourself whether you put them in a Safe or not,  Here is where to go for a great deal.


My Review Video on the Hyskore 7 Gun Pistol Rack

Hyskore 7 Gun Stacking Pistol Rack

Hyskore Mega Stacking Pistol Rack

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