Lee Shell Holder Problem

I discovered a Lee Shell Holder Problem when I began to load some test loads of various powder and bullet combinations. I was looking for an accurate load for a S&W M&P compact in 9mm. The factory stuff was not showing much promise. I tried 6-8 brands of different weight bullets and styles, but was not satisfied with the accuracy.

I had last loaded 9mm with one of my Progressive Presses that had a specific shell holder plate, so I had never loaded with a single stage press. Since this was to be a test of several loads, I only wanted 10 of each bullet and powder combination to try, so the single stage press was put into service.

I had lots of trouble from get go. Crushed cases, and a Stuck case in the decaping and FL sizer die. That got me to investigating.

My rather OLD shell holder set from Lee, showed that a #6 holder was to be used for the 9mm Luger. That was so slopy that I knew something was amiss. Research on the computer showed the #6 AND the #19 were to be used.

Cross reference shell holder charts showed either BOTH OR Just the #19. I went to the Lee corporate site and found that they recommended the #19 EVEN THOUGH my shell holder chart FROM LEE showed that the #6 was the one to use.

I called Lee and was told that the #19 WAS INDEED the one to use. I asked about the older charts and told the customer tech that I had NEVER seen or heard of the change in any of the numerous magazine and articles that I have read for the last 35-40 years. He said he would send me a #19 via mail at no cost. That was good service.

I like the Lee Auto Prime and it ALSO had a chart that said to use the #6, so I ordered a #19 as per the NEWER Charts.
The #19 is also used for the .40 S&W round.

For your convienence here are some suggestions for Lee Shell Holders:

Lee Precision Universal Press Shell Holder Set
Lee Precision Set of Universal shell holders. It includes 11 of the most popular for more than 115 different cartridges. Includes #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. 8. 9, 10, 11 and 19.
Item model number: 90197

Lee Hand Priming Tool Shell Holder Set
The Lee Precision Auto Prime Shell Holder Set comes with a red storage box and 11 shellholders for the Lee Auto-Prime.
Item model number: 90198

Lee Precision Auto-Prime XR
Lee Auto Prime XR hand priming tool is a fast, safe, and effective way of priming cases. Lee Auto Prime XR uses inexpensive Lee Hand Prime shell holders only. Accepts primers from all manufacturers.

My Video Review of the Lee Shell Holder Problem.

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