SubSonic .308 Loads

Sub sonic .308 velocities are a must for getting the most out of your Suppressor. Your shots can be “almost” Silent.┬áVelocities nearing 1100 feet per second and over will make noise from the bullet getting up to speed and breaking the sound barrier.

Anyone telling you that 1200 fps and higher speeds can be suppress is ONLY talking about the Muzzle sound (it can be “suppressed” but not “silenced”).

Before using a Suppressor on a firearm, You MUST be sure there is NO Bullet Tumble for the first few feet. Otherwise, you will DESTROY YOUR HIGH DOLLAR AND LONG WAITED FOR SUPPRESSOR.

These videos are about what I did to test loads BEFORE putting them through my can.This is data that I decided to use in my equipment, YOUR Experience May Be DIFFERENT.

Video Part 1 of 2

Video Part 2 of 2

The Tools that I recommend can be found below:

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