Yankee Hill 3300 Stainless QD-308

I wanted a Yankee Hill 3300 Stainless QD  .308 suppressor, but Thought it was too difficult of a process to go through. Then I found a shop that Specialized in Suppressors and read about every page and watched every video on the site.

I found that there were faster and easier ways to purchase a Suppressor than what I thought, so I started the Process. This suppressor took from March 3 until July 21, 2014 using a Trust and Electronic filling. Very Fast.

If you are thinking of getting a .308 suppressor (or some other caliber), save yourself some headaches and use a trust. The company that I purchased from has a Trust you can fill out YOURSELF and it the Same Form that Their Attorney would use IF you were to Hire Him.

However, the Electronic filing system went down shortly after I ordered this suppressor and NOW it is Back to the Paper Form. Another computer screw up for the Feds yet again.

If you would like to take a look at the Site that I purchase my suppressor from, the link is below. If you order, Please tell them that you saw my video and BigKid from ArchersFriend Sent You.

My video review of the Yankee Hill 3300 Stainless QD-308 Suppressor.

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